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Laser paggamot ng varicose veins sa Kryvyi Rih

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At Eira Hospital, you can get rid of your varicose veins easily and recover quickly. For several years, we have been undertaking treatment with lasers or foam .Varicose vein treatment, also known as endovenous ablation, uses radiofrequency or laser energy to cauterize and close varicose veins in the legs.Covers treatment with self-care, sclerotherapy, endovenous laser, and radiofrequency. Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins near the surface.Ont Health Technol Assess Ser. 2010;10(6):1-92. Epub 2010 Apr 1. Endovascular laser therapy for varicose veins: an evidence-based analysis. Health Quality .A laser is a highly focused beam of light. A doctor can use a laser to treat varicose veins. Laser heat damages a vein, which makes scar tissue form. This scar .

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